“We are dedicated to consistently delivering an exceptional experience through unrivalled professionalism, processes and people.”

ProPlumb has been operating since 2005 and in this time has developed a reputation of honest and reliable plumbing services throughout Melbourne.

ProPlumb delivers professional plumbing solutions at the highest standard for commercial and residential building projects. Our team is experienced and well equipped to manage developments of varying types and scales – from single dwellings through to large high density projects – you can trust ProPlumb will deliver exceptional results no matter what your next project. Our expertise as a plumbing business partner goes beyond typical tradesperson know-how.

Over the past 10 years, we have developed knowledge of the inner workings and business processes within the plumbing industry and have been proactive in responding to what we’ve learnt. Armed with knowledge and experience, we aimed to rectify the shortfalls identified in the industry. We fine tuned the way we operate as a business and put as much focus and resources into the management of our administration functions as we did our trade. As a result we have established a reputation for quality and excellence that is second-to-none.

Our strengths lie in tailoring plumbing projects to suit individual needs. We thrive when partnered with builders that value team work, quality and streamlined processes. Our large team of skilled employees means ProPlumb can offer you a faster more efficient turnaround than any other plumbing company, without sacrificing the quality of work. Our administration, warehouse and trade team can set your mind at ease and help your company improve quality, efficiency and productivity on each project – an invaluable asset to you. We can independently take care of all the small details with minimum disruption to your day. Our thorough knowledge of all plumbing codes and council regulations means that you can rest assured knowing we’ll get the job done with maximum results, and no room for error.